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    PDL 2.1 FM0-64L-S6E1C3 can't get to main with MDK




      I've been trying to write my first demo program with FM0-64L-S6E1C3 with PDL 2.1.0.


      Actually my program is running reasonably OK with IAR EWARM,


      but I have not been able to make it run with MDK-ARM (KEIL).


      I created a project in MDK-ARM v5.21.1.0 and included all my sources/headers


      along with the PDL stuff which (I thought) required,


      then I added








      The project was built OK,


      but in the debugger it has never arrived to "main()".


      So I stepped through startup_s6e1c3.s and found that in the Reset_Hander PROC


      after  LDR R0,=__main


      at BX R0  it went to the never-land and wont' come back.


      Question or request


      (1) Would someone teach me what I've been doing wrong?


      (2) Can I get a PDL2.1.0 sample project which runs on FM0-64L-S6E1C3?


      (3) Or is/are there tutorial/method which allows me to create a project which is runnable on FM0-64L-S6E1C3?


      Best Regards,




      Motoo Tanaka