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    Some GPIOs cannot be turned on after wakeup from deepsleep

      Hi everyone,


      Now I am doing a project using cypress ble CYBLE-224110-00. In my project, I entered into deepsleep mode after the lock is unlocked by the user. I drive all unused GPIOs into Analog HiZ mode before entering into the deepsleep to save more power.


      Then I found out that after the CPU wake-up, some GPIOs cannot be turned on even I set their drive modes into strong drive.


      So I build a new project with CY8CKIT_042_BLE kit and test. When the switch SW2 is pressed for the first time, all the LEDs are set into Analog HiZ mode and I put the CPU into deepsleep mode. When the switch is pressed for the second time, I wake up LEDs and set them into strong drive mode. And then turn on each of three LEDs everytime the CPU wakes up. But you will see that the GREEN LED cannot be turned on. I attach the project file with this post. Please save me from this problem. Thanks.