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    PSOC4 Level triggered TCPWM



      Hopefully this is a simple question :-


      The PSOC4 TCPWM block can be edge triggered or level triggered.  I want to use level triggering but am struggling to find in the PSOC4 technical reference or GPIO app notes any indication as to which level(s) trigger the inputs to the block.  Is it a high level, low level or both ?


      Any help gratefully received



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          The "Level" does not reflect a voltage level, but indicates an asynchronous event that lasts long enough  (and even longer) to trigger the wanted function. Both edge detection are synchronous to the internal HFCLK. When you select "Level" the input will trigger on a high signal.





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                    Bob, Thanks for the reply. I knew it wasn't a specific voltage level and that it would have to be triggered by a high,low or both but couldn't find any reference documentation that stated which logic level that would trigger the event. Do you know of a document that explicitly states that it is a high level that triggers the function ? I didn't have any luck finding one. Thanks, Paul   
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              All logic in PSoC is high level logic. The one and only exception is the XRES input which is active low. So no explicit mentioning for the level is made. Furthermore I would suggest you to use an edge triggered mode, this is synchronous and so a bit safer.





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                Thanks Bob,


                I am actually using edge triggered and level triggered.  Edge triggered to start a timer and level triggered to keep reloading it whilst the input is active, to trigger an event a certain period after the input becomes inactive. 


                Thanks for the help.