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    [4000S - Kit 041-40xx] Program doesn´t run when starting the CapSense ADC




      Have been working with the 41-40xx kit, i would like to read the voltage on the onboard potentiometer and printing the result via UART on the PC.


      I'm following a code example that does this, so i created a new project and added the components on the schematic, assigned the pins, incremented heap size and placing the -u_printf_float flag on the linker, also enabling the nano lib.


      Then started to write the C code but when i call the CapSense_ADC_Start() function, the project doesn't run (the red LED doesn't blink), when i comment that CapSense_ADC_Start() function the project works as expected (a blinky red LED).


      I had changed the stack size to 0x200 (previously it had 0x400, the example code have 0x200).




      Attached is the project if someone like to take a look and maybe spot my error.