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    What is the correct C# code to this?



      I can program a hex file with a MiniProg3 and its GUI application as attached picture shows.


      Then I followed the sample code in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Programming\PSoC3_5\SWD\C_Sharp", if I run this sample code directly without any changes, the prompt tells me:


      "Failed! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer"




      So I change the code with the settings on the GUI application, Below is the code of setting part in ProgramAll() function:


      Mainly I have many issues on:


      1. The prompt tells me "Failed! Device is not in ISSP mode"


      2. CheckHexAndDeviceCompatibility() function could not pass.


      3. EraseAll() function is unable to run.


      4. Sometime I change the "Power" mode to "Power Cycle", sometimes I change the function from xxx() to PsoC3_xxx() if I found there is one, but it still could not work. Anyone know what's wrong there? Thanks!










      if (pp == null) return -1;


      string filePath = "E:/Projects/X2/CRTS-XRAY-XPS-Bootloader-v3.2.hex";


      int hr;


      //Port Initialization


      //Setup Power - "5.0V" and internal


      hr = pp.SetPowerVoltage("0.5", out m_sLastError);


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      hr = pp.PowerOn(out m_sLastError);


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      //Set protocol, connector and frequency


      hr = pp.SetProtocol(enumInterfaces.SWD, out m_sLastError); //SWD-protocol


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      hr = pp.SetProtocolConnector(0, out m_sLastError); //5-pin connector


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      hr = pp.PSoC3_SetProtocolClock(enumFrequencies.FREQ_01_6, out m_sLastError); //3.0 MHz clock on SWD bus


      // Set Hex File


      int hexImageSize;


      hr = pp.HEX_ReadFile(filePath, out hexImageSize, out m_sLastError);


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      //Set Acquire Mode


      pp.SetAcquireMode("Power", out m_sLastError);


      //The "Programming Flow" proper


      //Acquire Device


      //hr = pp.DAP_Acquire(out m_sLastError);


      hr = pp.DAP_Acquire(out m_sLastError);


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      //Check Hex File and Device compatibility


      //bool fCompatibility;


      //hr = CheckHexAndDeviceCompatibility(out fCompatibility);


      //if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;


      //if (!fCompatibility)




      // m_sLastError = "The Hex file does not match the acquired device, please connect the appropriate device";


      // return -1;




      //Erase All


      hr = pp.EraseAll(out m_sLastError);


      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) return hr;