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    CY8MBR3116 - reprogramming flash



      We have a custom board with CY8MBR3116. I could configure and program the flash via I2C. However, i am not able to re-configure the device to change the some of the parameters. What process do i need to follow to delete the configuration flash and load a new set of configuration?


      Here is the sequence i followed:


      EzClick -> Generate .h with 128bytes of config info


      Follow process in programming document - Acquire chip, write starting at SENSOR_EN, write flash with CTRL_CMD = 0x02. Issue Reset. This process works - i can read back the values and the chip seems to be operating. 


      I need to reset / modify some of the parameters, i tried to follow the same sequence as above, but now i am not able to change the values, i cannot update/modify individual registers even. 


      Is there a separate command or flow i need to follow to delete existing configuration?