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    Having trouble with Control Reg

              I have set up a control reg for selecting CS on a couple of SPI devices but when I attempt to compile the code, I get error that reference not found. I have attached my project. Thanks for your help   
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          This code looks like you have an attempt to define a structure


          and a f() mistypped, ie. seperate deliniation between structure


          and f()....?




          struct Timetype GetTime(void)
              struct Timetype t;
              unsigned char tbuf[8];
              unsigned char i;

            writeSPI( RTCREAD + regSECOND); // write command
            for (i = 0; i<7; i++)
              tbuf[i] = writeSPI(0);  
            t.Second = tbuf[0] & 0x7f;
            t.Minute = tbuf[1] & 0x7f;
            t.Hour = tbuf[2] & 0x3f;
            t.Day = tbuf[3] & 0x3f;
            t.Month = tbuf[5] & 0x1f;
            t.Year = tbuf[6];
            return t;

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