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    CX3 throughput



      I was doing a throughput analysis for the CX3 chip for my project. I will be using a typeC alternate mode mux for DSI and connect the SSUSB to CX3 which will have CSI, I2C,I2S,SPI and UART interfaces. 


      I summed up all the data rates for the above interface. I would like to know what would be the data rate on the USB bus (since its adds additional sync bits and PIDs etc.) How does the CX3 internally map all the interfaces to USB?  How do I go about calculating the throughput? 


      Thank  you. 

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          The USB Interface of CX3 can go upto 400 MBps. However, the other interface that acts as source for USB (say MIPI GPIF/ UART/ SPI/ I2C) might provide bottleneck.


          The Throughput of the MIPI Interface depends on the data rate of the sensor and the way you configure the MPI Interface. CX3 internally maps the other interface to USB via DmaChannels that are created in the firmware.


          please refer to our example projects to see how this is done.




          -Madhu Sudhan