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    how to configure the PSOC 3 to read the 19200 baud rate inputs data

      Hello Everyone, 


      I am using psoc 3 to read the input data from the Counter machine which is configured(counter machine) to 19200 baud rate  so when i give the counter input directly to the capacitor in order to change the input from alternate signals in to the steady state signal znd then to the PSOC 3 to gpio pins and  after then  when i see the output from the uart terminal it is not even able to read the data properly but the same configuration actually working fine for the 1200-9600 baud rates so i don't able to understand what is going wrong with the 19200 baud rate so i request somebody could propose me some other alternative logic or ideas to test the 19200 baud rate input any help would be greatly appreciated




      Thank you