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    FinishDataXfer buffer data structure





      I have a general question about the data structure used in the BeginDataXfer(), WaitForXfer() and FinishDataXfer() methods. I am following the C# examples provided. My doubt is related how to extract the data received after the next piece of code: 


      EndPoint.FinishDataXfer(ref cBufs[k], ref xBufs[k], ref len, ref oLaps[k])


      If the transactions was sucesfull I have a filled xBufs buffer, but my question is related how to extract the "clean" data, it means only the data received. In this example I have 16 packets per Xfer and 8 Xfers to queue. This way xBufs is an array of 8 by 8192 bytes of size. 

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          Please check the source code of control center and streamer application which we have provided in the FX3 SDK. The buffer recievd is actually the data received from the device. Can you please clarify what problem do you see, and how it is not clean?


          Please refer to page 93 of the SDK C# library file to see the implementation  C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\library\c_sharp