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    cy8ckit-043 4m series -- more than 8 analog pins

      I am using the CY8CKIT-043.




      The PSOC 4m device appears to have only one a/d type which is a sequencing a/d type.


      I am having trouble adding more than 8 analog pins to the a/d mux.  Problem is that after the 8 pin on the sequencing pin I yellow marker on the pin when I try the allocate more pins.  The warning legend is reachable but will lead to routing conjestion or failure.


      When two or more analog muxes are used, then the pins are allocatable, but I have not found a way to connect them to the sequencing a/d.




      What I am looking for is (2) consequentive 8 analog pins where, each pin does not have external capacitors attached to the pins.  Also I need 3 additional analog input pins.  This leads to 19 analog inputs into the A/D.




      Is this possible?  A fallback position would be to have 19 analog input pins which do not have external capacitors connected  to them.