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    PSoC creator FM0+ support


      Is there a list of the FM0+ chips supported in PSoC Creator 4.0? I was interested in trying a few but only if they are supported in PSoC Creator. From the press release about PSoC Creator 4:


      "PSoC and FM0+ peripherals are designed using schematic capture and simple graphical user interface (GUI)" I can't seem to find out much more though. I'd like to see the FM0+ peripheral data sheets and code examples for a FM0+ dev board FM0-100L-S6E1B8 but I can't find any info about PSoC Creator or any BSP.

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          When you start a new project in Creator 4 and select the ARM M0+ device there is the option of "Device Selector" which will show all supported family devices.





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            I checked out Creator 4 with the device on the new FM0+ dev board. The FM0+ components and code macros aren't as polished as the PSoC components.


            Separately, the new 4000S peripherals are much the same as their other 4000 counterparts.

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              I have to agree with davidahouse, examples are rather "ordinary", I must be spoilt with past PSoC Creator projects...


              1 am using the "new" FM0+S6E1B8 Starter Kit.


              Also board jumper setup is different when changing from Cypress Creator 4.0 to Keil environments.


              I tried to get a response from a support case, but I guess things are a little crazy at head-office!


              I got a poor result, but still working on it.


              I am looking for complete worked examples that use the board features (SD, Accel, Audio etc).


              All within the wonderful Creator IDE.

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                In case you want to program the FM0+ using Creator, ensure that J4 jumper is set between 5V0 and DAP. This ensures that the CMSIS DAP is used for programming the device (USB to SWD conversion). The same is true even if you try to program from Keil or any IDE.