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    Capsense one button example not opening





      I downloaded the capsense one button example from here




      I tried to open it with PSoC Creator  3.3 CP2 (


      But I am getting following message:


      Unable to open the project ".\CE210291_CapSense_P4_One_Button.cydsn\CE210291_CapSense_P4_One_Button.cyprj": Requested value 'CortexM0p' was not found.




      Is it possible to open this example?


      Br, Ville

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          I successfully opened the project in both Creator 3.3 and 4.0. Did you expand the .zip into a new folder?





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            Hi Bob, Thanks for your answer.


            I updated the PSoC Creator  to version 3.3 CP3 ( and example opens now correctly.




            When following the instructions on CE210291.pdf 
            and trying to enable the tuner by setting the macro TUNER_UPDATE_ENABLE to 1 in the main.c file. Following error comes on compiling:Build error: 'CapSense_TU_STS_RESTART_DONE' undeclared (first use in this function)


            Seemed like example was missing declaration for "CapSense_TU_STS_RESTART_DONE" variable. I created such a variable and example is now running.

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              Hi Ville.:


                             You are right. It Seems the example was missing declaration for "CapSense_TU_STS_RESTART_DONE" variable.
              I checked CE210488 and CE210291 project.




                                 you can find "  if(CapSense_STATUS_RESTART_DONE == CapSense_RunTuner())" in main.c. It use CapSense_STATUS_RESTART_DONE . it's declared in " CapSense_Tuner.h"




                                you can find "  if(CapSense_TU_STS_RESTART_DONE== CapSense_RunTuner())" in main.c. It's different from CE210488.




                              I think you can use "CapSense_STATUS_RESTART_DONE'' to replace "CapSense_TU_STS_RESTART_DONE"