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    Emulated Eeprom

      I am using CY8C4124LQI-443 Psoc 4100 family in my project. I need to use emulated eeprom. There is an example in psoc. But I have problem when I use. I want to read the data written on eeprom after restart the system.




      I use this command CY_GET_REG8(adress); or Data = (*((uint8 *) (adres)));. Data read is 0. 

      What is the problem of this? Can anyone explain the detail of this? (I think after I close the system, Data written is deleted by the microcontroller.?)




      Thanks for helping. 

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          Before Write Data into EEPROM ..Just Erase the EEPROM then write the data.,

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            @Malik, this is emulated eeprom which is flash memory. Smallest amount to write is a Row which will be erased automatically before writing.


            Reading from emulated eeprom is done easiest by assigning the address to a pointer of the underlying type.


            I normally use a structure which contains additionally some housekeepign data as number of writes to eeprom and a "Magic Number" which indicates that the structure has been written at least once.