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    CapSense CSX (Mutual Capacitance) Access To Raw Data


      We are currently experimenting with the CY8CKIT-022 CapSense Liquid Level Sensing Shield. So far we have been using the demo software as is, with CSD mode (self capacitance mode).


      One problem we would like to overcome is the possibility of droplets of water or liquid accumulating on the sensors which are not submerged. This would result in measurement errors. The simplest step appears to be to use the CSX mode (mutual capacitance mode). This appears to reduce the impact of the water drops.


      Looking at the API, to determine the liquid level, we would use the number of active sensors. The sensors are essentially buttons activated by the water level.


      However to reduce the number of sensors we would like to use longer sensors and do some interpolation of the raw sensor data to determine the liquid level. For experimental purposes, we would like to use the CSX mode, but also use the raw sensor data? In the case of CSD there is access to the raw sensor data, but there doesn't appear to be in the case of CSX. I may be wrong, so I will keep looking.


      The aim would be to determine if the effect of the water drops could be reduced using CSX combined with longer sensors and data interpolation.