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    More than 8 Analog Inputs on PSOC4 (CY8C4245)

      Hi all,


      similar to the problem mentioned here (http://www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-4-architecture/cy8ckit-043-4m-series-more-8-analog-pins)


      is mine...


      I need about 13 analog inputs (11 single sides , one differntial), see attached project.


      I build an application using the seq SAR_ADC an an AMuxHW. The project compiles without an error. The software is running.


      On the terminal I can read the values, but they behave strange and are not meaningful.


      All values via the mux are nearly the same and seem to depend on the voltage of P2.6/P2.7 (diff input).


      I tried several combinations, like only one input of the SAR-ADC, but it seems to me that the AMuxHW is not working proberbly.


      I even added an analog output (TAnalog). By switching the inputs, I expected a change on that signal - nothing..


      Anyone, any ideas ;-)


      Is there a restriction of the analog system, using the SAR-ADC and more than 8 inputs ???


      Greetings (from germany)