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    PSoC4 deep sleep mode

      Gents, I have a board with a PSoC4 and a PSoC5 processors present. I am attempting to place the PSoC4 into deep sleep mode using the set up  in AN86233 (PSoC4 Low-Power modes), however, I am not seeing the expected results.


      Here's my setup:


      I have a switch that toggles the mode from normal to deep sleep and an LED that monitors the mode type (as mentioned in AN86233).


      I have a DVM monitoring the total current to the board, the project was built in release mode, on the project .cydwr screen and System tab I set the programming\Debugging debug select to GPIO.


      The psoc4 project uses the AN86233_PowerModes project with the only modifications being the pins used for the switch and the LED otherwise it's the exact code.


      The MiniProg3 programmer is not connected during the test.


      My DVM has a shunt resistor of .5 ohms.




      Here are the results:


      Starting up with the psoc4 in normal mode the combined load is 13.43mA.


      Switching to deep sleep the load changes to 12.8mA.


      Switching back to normal mode results in 13.43 mA as expected.




      So that leaves 2 possibilities:
      1. either the psoc4 is not going into deep sleep mode or


      2. it is in deep sleep mode but my measurement technique is fouling things.


      Any ideas?