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    Configuring FPGA

      hi all.


      I'm new with Cypress Chips.


      I have Some question's.


      Can i Configure any Xilinx's FPGA with FX2LP Chips For example any spartan family ??


      based on  AN63620 i have to  IFCLK pin to CCLK but is there different way that i configure FPGA wihout this pin?


      i want to use ths pin for slave fifo interface....


      thanks alot...

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          For configuring the FPGA using FX2LP, the IFCLK  is basically the clock input on which the FPGA runs and samples the data. So, this pin is very much needed, and cannot be done without. In the GPIF another pin can be toggled at every clcok edge, but that will not be reliable in terms on rise time/ sampling time and the application may not work