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    OTA Firmware Upgrade using Security Key

      I'm looking for a ready-made tool to perform an OTA Firmware Upgrade using the Security Key feature found in the Bootloader component v1.50.


      That was once possible (maybe) with the Bootloader Host, but unfortunately (from AN97060) "Bootloader Host tool support for OTA is broken with the release of the CySmart 1.2 dongle firmware" - and we are using I was initially thinking of downgrading the dongle's firmware, but I was unable to find the older versions on Cypress' site.


      No CySmart version (PC, iOS, Android) seems to support the Security Key feature, so it looks like the only way to use it is by modifying the apps to get a customized one which supports that feature.


      Can anyone shed some light on my doubts? Thanks!


      BR - Stefano Voulaz