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    CY8CKIT-042,BLE&SPI slave communication,How can i reduce the power consumption?

      In the project,I use BLE Component on CY8C4247LQI-BL483 and the board runs in deepsleep mode that refer to the application note(AN92584 Designing for Low Power and Estimating Battery Life for BLE Applications),when BLE is not advertising ,the current of the board(4247LQI-BL483) is 2uA(enter into deepsleep mode,advertisement interval is configured to 3s).


      but when added SPI(slave mode) commponent and there is no SPI communication on the bus,the current of the board is increased to 300uA.


      In the project code :


      (1) initializatin:call SPIS_Start()


      (2) before and after calling CySysPmDeepSleep():call function SPIS_Sleep() and SPIS_Wakeup() 


      so,what do i need to do to reduce the current when run the SPI slave communication?