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    PSOC 4 BLE Pairing scenario






      Can some one explain to me how exactly can I create the following behavior?


      I want that any client that wants to connect to a peripheral, server device to be asked a password provided in advance and only when the correct password is given to connect, see the profile,etc.  Next I want that the client to be able to make a pair action to the device  and every time the device is near to connect automatically to it. I know that some parts of this behavior should be accomplish by the client like the automatically connection to the device but I am aware that something should also be done in peripheral which is a PSOC 4.


      I already go through the examples like privicy(017), oob pairing(032) and bonding (015) but somehow I cannot fully understand them to implement my scenario. Also it would be great if you can also explain the state(event) in which a particular action should take place. For example I used  CyBle_GapFixAuthPassKey (1, 123456); in CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON and I was able to pair in CYSmart with this code but I am not sure this is all. My Ble is set as Mode 1 security Authenticated pairing with encryption and I/O capabilities KeyBoard and Display(even if my device doesn't have such, I personally am not sure why are those used) and Bonding.


      Thank you!