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    API error 100 and 300: CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER at connect



      I'm stucking in my project (see attachment) and need your help. My project is based on the BLE_HID_Joystick example with some changes for my requirements. I did not change the BLE modul and copied the BLE code, but I get an api error 100 (CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER) and 300 after connecting to CySmart. My hardware is the CY8CKIT-042-BLE with the black PRoC board.


      I couldn't find what error 300 is and I don't know how to solve error 100 (CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER). It would be great if anyone would help me. I used PSoc creator 3.3 and 4.0.


      The UART output:

      BLE HID Keyboard Example Project <\r><\n> Bluetooth On, StartAdvertisement with addr: c04929199580<\r><\n> EVT_ADVERTISING, state: 3 <\r><\n> EVT_ADVERTISING, state: 3 <\r><\n> EVT_ADVERTISING, state: 3 <\r><\n> EVT_GATT_CONNECT_IND: 0, 4 <\r><\n> EVT_GAP_DEVICE_CONNECTED: connIntv = 0 ms <\r><\n> API Error: 300 <\r><\n> API Error: 10<\0>API Error:<\0>API Erro?API Error: 300 <\r><\n> API Error: 300 <\r><\n> CYBLE_EVT_GATTS_XCNHG_MTU_REQ, final mtu=<\0>API Erro<2>