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    Can I buy the BT module on BCM9WCDPLUS114?

      I have BCM9WCDPLUS114 board, it have embedded a Bluetooth module.


      Im interested in this BT module, can I purchase this module from Broadcom or your distributor? Whats the P/N?

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          The WICED-SMARTBRIDGE (BCM9WCDPLUS114) uses the BCM20702 (HCI based) Bluetooth chip where the BT stack is running on the boards STM32 CPU.



          Broadcom has partners offering modules using the BCM20702 chip: Foxconn, Foxlink, and USI (there may be others).  I do not know the engagement requirements (opportunity size) before they will sell them.



          In contrast, the WICED-SMART module uses the BCM20732 (Its a standalone BLE device where the BT Stack resides in ROM) and are available via Arrow, Avnet, Macnica using the part number BCM920732-BLE-KIT. 



          You clearly are signed up for the WICED website.  If you intend on pursuing the Bluetooth (BCM20702) side of the equation, you would also need to sign-up at the WICED-SMART website (http://www.broadcom.com/products/wiced/smart/).   WICED-SMART has its own SDK (same look/feel) as the WICED SDK.



          For WICED-SMARTBRIDGE, you use the WICED SDK.
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            Just to clarify a little:   The BCM20732 HW Development Kit is ordered via BCM920732-BLE-KIT, whereas modules themselves are purchased using the part number:  BCM20732S. Depending on your needs, you may want just the BCM20732S module, ... or check with a company like Inventek that makes a turn-key solution.