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      Hello friends,


      I want to run CAN BUS interface with car.so I dont know how can i do that.if there anybody that know please help me to do?


      and if there anybody have any example please realese here?


      thanks for regard...

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          I want to know exactly how work parameter and items in CAN component in psoc creator.datasheet is not obvious for me...


          please help me...

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            Hi Pavloven.I checked example before but I have one psoc5lp.should have i 2 psoc5lp?


            Exactly i want to know how can i connect and get data from car with can bus for example speed or motor detail.so can you help me or give me data or example project for doing that project?it is very important for me...


            thanks for attention...

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              You need to have two nodes for data transfer. If you already have a transmitting CAN node other than PSoC, then you can use one PSoC 5LP with CAN transceiver kit: http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-017-canlin-expansion-board-kit


              If you want to just receive the data then you can refer 'CAN_Full_Example' mentioned in interaction #3 above. This example is receiving switch status and ADC data from another node and displaying on LCD. You can modify this project according to your need.


              Also you need to take care of Baudrate settings. If your car CAN bus has specific baudrate then you need to configure CAN component accordingly. We recommend you to refer  Getting started with CAN application note in the following link:




              Kindly have a look at above. Let us know if you need any clarification.


              Thanks and Regards



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                There are two examples (click on the right to CAN component -> Find code example)
                CAN_Full_Example and CAN_Basic_Example.
                You must have two PSoC5LP board for experiment with these examples.
                Ideal - if you have a logic analyzer (saleae ljgic or another with CAN support)
                You can use SN55HVD251 or PIN for Tx in Resistive pull up mode if no have CAN / LIN Expansion board.

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                  Hi pavloven and Hars.I buy another psoc5lp but i cant to run can bus interface with psoc creator example.I connected tx and rx pin(with pullup resistor)together and program twice psoc5lp kit.but I have no data transciever on can bus.so how can i test easy interfacing with 2 psoc by can bus?


                  please help me and tanks rof your regrding

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                    It is worked.i programed basic examples on first psoc5lp and full example on second psoc5lp.so my mistake was pin configuration.explanation of mr pavloven is very helpful.so now i want to run this project with car so how can i do it?

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                      Hi friends.Is there anybody that know how can hears CAN BUS from car on computer???


                      for example change CAN to RS232 to see data on hercules or other software.because i want to calculate data transciever from CAN BUS by psoc5lp and i dont know car parameter ID to recieave them...


                      please help me...

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                        You need some CAN Analyzer like OBD-II PIDs to get the car parameter ID

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                          Look at this project.
                          If you have a sensor on the CAN line - master displays some information:
                          ID  and Data (1byte) my be more.
                          Baudrate = 125000 - you have to change it.
                          I don't have the ability to verify the project with the actual device.


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                            Hi friends.i want to ask a question.I am running CAN interface on psoc5lp prototype kit.and connect with pca82c250 can controller.so my problem is to read data from vehicle.i cant read data with my psoc project.


                            is there any body that know what is my problem and how can i solve it?


                            my program and address data can bus and clock is set on vehicle specification...


                            I can get data correctly when i use another psoc5lp as vehicle device for send data ...but when i connect with vehicle(can simulator) i cant get data...


                            what can i do to solved this problem?


                            thanks for attention...


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                              At first sight:
                              C34 and C35 should not be.
                              R32 (pin8) = 0 for High-speed mode.
                              The power supply of the device must be galvanic isolated:
                              If your psoc5lp prototype kit is connected to a laptop, then the first experiments are best done
                              Without a mains power supply.

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                                        I did not soldered c34 and c35.it just have foot print for reservation and i solder with 0 ohm resistor. i use labtop for power supply. has my program in project file any mistake? i observance can bus (data addres and clock) by FMS v3 starndard protocol. please say me how can i get data from vehicle such as truck with my project? tanks for attention...   
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                                  The most effective overhear CAN bus: who is present, ID, .....
                                  I use the Logical Analyzer Saleae Logic.
                                  You can use your PSoC in Basic mode to listen to the bus.


                                  and pin Tx for PCA82C250 must be strong drive.

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                                    how can I use PSoC in Basic mode to listen to the bus?


                                    i am changing Tx pin to strong mode...

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