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    Uart speed problem  - 115200bd




      can me somebody help with uart - speed?


      When I set up the speed of uart to 19200bd, all is ok.


      When I set up the speed of uart to 115200, I have a problem with receiving the characters.  When I send characters from PC, uart interrupt detects twice more character.


      For example:


      Send from PC: HELLO


      Receive in processor: H, null,E,null,L,null,L, null, O, null. Between characters is received the character: 0 (dec). I use the interrupt:RX FIFO not empty.


      But in 19200bd, processor does not receive the character 0(dec).


      The uart actual speed is 115196bd  (The CLK of processor is 48MHz). 


      I tried to change Oversampling, CLK of processor, Stop bits, but everything does not work. 


      Thank you for help:)