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    Over the air updates

      1/  I have 10 samples of the CYBLE-212020-01, which we will be fitting in our new product.


      The new PCB is around 2 weeks away, consequently, I’ve been using the CYBLE 212019-00 ( fitted to a Cypress kit cyble-212019-eval ez-ble evaluation board), which is plugged into a the CY8CKIT-042 BLE board.


      2/Using the CY8CKIT-042 BLE board,  I’ve used the over the air update example ( upgradeable stack and device CY8C4248LQI-BL583). This over the air update  works.


      I’ve changed the device to   CYBLE 212019-00 ( same memory size to the BL583 etc ) and the i/o pin for sw2.


      3/ After programming, the LED is green, I’ve used an APP on my mobile phone, which detects the ‘findme’ advertising packet. I can connect ( LED goes out) & then disconnect ( Green LED comes on). The Red LED comes on after 40 seconds ( the period which I’ve set in the GAP Settings).


      4/  If I reset the dev kit ( SW1) & then press SW2 ( to request the over the air update ) when the LED is green, my mobile phone sees the OTA bootloader, however CY Smart 1.2 doesn’t see the OTA Bootloader.


      The LED is RED and goes out completely after 3 minutes as set in the GAP setting in the upgradeable stack example project  and the phone app no longer sees  the OTA Bootloader advert.


      ( USB dongle is BLE 4.2, firmware, Hardware


      5/ When I reset the dev kit, the LED is RED and the mobile phone sees the OTA Bootloader advert, the LED goes off after 3 minutes.


      6/ The only way that I can get the original ‘findme advert’ back is to reprogram the device from PSoc 4.0 creator.