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    PSOC4 and BLE updates over the air with CYBLE 212019-00 microcontroller.


      1/ I am using the Using the CY8CKIT-042 BLE board, with the CYBLE 212019-00 microcontroller.


      2/ I’ve created a workspace with :-


      The following 2 projects :-


      BleFindme01, BLE_OTA_upgradeableStckExample_Launcher01and  BLE_OTA_upgradeableStckExample_Stack01.




      3/ When I build the project using  PSoc Creator 3.3 ( with service pack 2)  on a laptop using windows 10, there is no problem. I can upgrade over the air with CySmart 1.2 etc.


      4/ When I copy the workspace to my PC ( windows 7) & use PSCoc Creator 4.0, the software does advertise & when I connect the Green LED goes off, correctly.


      5/ With the Green LED on, I press  SW2, which turn the RED LED on. However, my mobile phone APP sees the over the air update ‘message’,  but CyCSmart does not.


      I then press the reset button, the blue led flashes momentarily, the red led comes on .


      My mobile phone again sees the update message, but CY Smart does not..


      The only way that I can get the microcontroller to advertise ( green LED on) is to reprogram the device through Psoc.




      6/ The version of CYSmart is on both PSs.




      7/ Where is the problem ?