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    GL128S10DH801 Flash gets corrupted after being OK for long time


      Hello Community,


      I am using GL128S10DH801 flash, to keep SoC code and some application-specific data (to be kept over different power cycles).


      Normally, the data are written once at production and is kept const through lifetime of the board.


      I've received a returned board from the customer, and upon analysis, I found that the flash is totally corrupted.


      From customer claim, the board was functioning perfectly for around 1 year, and now I see flash corruption.


      I tried to re-flash the board, but the system stucks at erasing the flash.


      There has been no claim that voltage fluctuations happened to the board at any time.


      This issue has been reported on this particular board, while no similar issue is seen on other hundreds of boards.


      Why do you think a flash corruption may happen after 1 year of happy operation on a particular board, while no write\erase operations are expected and no power fluctuations (over or under voltage) is recorded ?


      Any directions on how to think of that ?


      Thanks in advance.