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    Module programming


      The only way to program the module is the PSoc Creator? I need that a user can change the bluetooth name without use the PSoc Creator.


      Is it possible? How can ask at bluetooth module to change the name?

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          Could you elaborate your query. Do you want to change the device name over the air? Under what scenario do you want the name to be changed?


          If it's of any help, you can change the device name using the CyBle_GapSetLocalName() API. 

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            I need add the bluetooth module to my device board that have serials ports. This device have also a LCD for setup; I can change the bluetooth name from the device setup. I would send the new name after the user have confirmed the new name.

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              As mentioned by yssu, you can use the API  CyBle_GapSetLocalName() upon receiving commands from the serial port.





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                I need to change bluetooth name from serial port, not from over the air. I have try to send CyBle_GapSetLocalName(test) from serial port but the module have not change the name. What should I send from the serial port to change bluetooth name?


                Is there a list of commands that I can send from serial port?



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                  Serial control and reconfiguration is not something that has been inherently supported on Cypress modules in the past. Rather, any kind of serial-based control would need to be implemented yourself as needed by adding a UART SCB (or similar) component to a PSoC Creator project's schematic and then writing the necessary application code to parse incoming commands via UART and translate them into internal behavior changes.


                  However, we have recently published the EZ-Serial platform which allows exactly this, to avoid the need for PSoC Creator in many cases (although it is still an excellent tool and necessary/desirable for more customized behavior than EZ-Serial provides). EZ-Serial is ideal for designs that already include an external microcontroller for non-wireless behavior. You can download the latest available firmware image for most CYBLE modules here for flashing via PSoC Programmer:




                  This page also contains a detailed User Guide with a Getting Started section, many small example snippets, and a comprehensive API reference. Further, there is an example host API protocol library written in generic C which can help speed up implementation on your host controller. However, this library is not required; you may provide your own implementation as long as it that conforms to the API protocol spec in the User Guide.

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