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    FX3 for production





      I'm trying to understand how to program the FX3 in production. I've been checking the Superspeed Explorer Kit and I've seen that there is a IC with the part number CY7C65215.




      In our product we are planning to have an  I2C eeprom to boot the firmware so, Is this IC  CY7C65215 necessary to program the I2C eeprom or Can you do this by the USB 3.0 connector?




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          You can look at the Superspeed Explorer Kit  schematic, The CY7C65215 not used to program the EEPROM. CY7C65215 is a USB-UART/I2C/SPI/JTAG bridge. It is provided in the kit for debugging purposes like UART or JTAG debug. 


          Explorer kit has an on-board EEPROM, which can be written with the desired firmware image, In this DVK, we can write the EEPROM memory by selecting the EEPROM program option in the control center. (this action will dump the FX3 with a Boot Programmer firmware, which will then write the EEPROM device through the FX3 using Vendor commands. Once the .img file is written over there, you can reset the device with PMODEs set for I2C boot.

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            Thank you very much. Best regards.