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    Using SWD and and SPI on a PSoC 4 XT/XR BLE module is impossible?


      I'm trying to build a device which has a single device SPI plus I2C devices. I want to use the CYBLE-224116-01 module (BLE 4.2 + PA/LNA) -- but what I say below also applies to the BLE 4.1 version, CYBLE-224110-00. I'd like to have SWD available for programming and debugging.


      But I don't see how to make it work. Because:


      1. SCLK 0 is only available on p0.7, which is needed for SWD, or p1.7, which doesn't come out of the module.


      2. And you can't use SPI on SCB1 at all, since SCB1 MOSI does not seem to come out of the module on ANY pin.


      To get around this, I'd have to add jumpers for "programming mode" in order to program, and wouldn't be able to use the debugger while keeping SPI live. This seems like a serious oversight, and will both make production programming and development more annoying than necessary.


      Could things really be this screwed up?