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    FX3 device disappear after programming




      I wanted to try to program the FX3 CYUSB3KIT-001 using example from Quick Start Guide. I followed all the steps and after successful programming I do not have Cypress USB StreamerExample in device manager and the Streamer does not see it too. 


      If someone could help me i would be grateful.


      edit. USB 2.0 works fine, it's the problem with 3.0

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          I assume you have tried with default example firmware in the FX3 SDK. I see that you mentioned that USB2.0 enumeration is fine, but USB 3.0 is a problem. Can you check the device manager, please notice if you get any device on connect/disconnect of this device over USB3.0 


          You can check with 2-3 different firmware, just to make sure that there is no unintentional modification which is causing this behavior.


          Also, please check with a different  (working) USB 3.) cable. I suppose you are using standard cables,  (not something like a active/optical cables).