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    PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe registration 3.25.0


      Hello Everyone,


      This post might be for the Psoc Programmer software team but if anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated. 




      I am using the PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe active x sever object in my software application which comes with PSoC Programmer 3.25.0. I am using this for I2C to USB communication with the Mini Prog3. Everything in my application is working well and I can talk to my PSOC design and we moved away from the older obsolete USB2IIC.exe awhile back.


      I have a software application that includes the PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe in its distribution kit but I can't for the life of me register PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe manually or with my program as an active x server. I had no problem with the older USB2IIC.exe file. I know the cmd.exe prompt is "PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe /regserver" and I have tried dozens of variations and tricks both manually and in my code along with the auto register features of my software suite to try to register it but nothing has worked so far. I have also read the psoc_programmer_com.pdf document on the issue too which comes with a PSoC Programmer installation. 


      However, here is the catch. The PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe registers correctly it when I do a fresh install of PSoC Programmer 3.25.0 or if I do a repair in the installation. This is the only way I can register the active x server. There has to be something else I need to do. There is also a "registermp.bat" batch file and an "RegMp3Service.exe" that I am not sure what they do but they might be related to registering PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe. I have tried playing with those files as well. 


      Does anyone know what I need to do to register PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe independently of running the install of PSoC Programmer 3.25.0? 


      Thank You,


      Will Stadtler 

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          "RegMp3Service.exe" is used for registration of CyMiniProg3Service as COM server .


           Registrator of service, which will be called by installer in usual way (similar to EXE COM-servers)

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            Hello ANKS, 


            I know it's been many months, but I'm still struggling with this problem. But thank you for the reply. I've been using the work around of just doing a repair on Cypress Programmer to re-register PSoCCOMProgrammer.exe.


            I suppose what I'm saying is that section 1.1 Using the COM Object -Early Binding in the PSoC Programmer COM User guide isn't working. Here is what it says to do:


            1.1 Using the COM Object - Early Binding
            You can use the COM object to call PSoC Programmer from your application. The installer registers
            the PSoC Programmer COM object when it is installed. If, for any reason, the object is not registered,
            you can register it manually:
            1. Select Start > Run.
            2. Type the following command:
            PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe /regserver
            To unregister the COM object, use the following command:
            PSoCProgrammerCOM.exe /unregserver


            This doesn't work when I do it manually (I use the correct file path and have spend hours trying different things). I can also have my programs install package do the install, but it doesn't work anymore as I mentioned that it used to work on the old USB2IIC.exe COM object. This is an issue since we can't distribute our software to a client if this part doesn't auto install. It's quite odd if we told a client that they have to install PSoC Programmer to run our software.


            Can you tell me what I have to do to register this object without PSoC Programmer in my stand alone application?