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    Built in JTAG on SuperSpeed Explorer Kit with Mac OSX or Mac Sierra (and Linux)

      I'm wondering where I can find the file arm926ejs_FX3.cfg.  It looks like the most recent version of OpenOCD has the correct devices installed to work with the CY7C65215 on the Explorer Kit board.  But that I can't tell until I try.


      Otherwise I'll also need the patch files to patch and recompile OpenOCD.


      Any advice is welcome.


      I also have the same questions for Linux.


      I have no access to Windows.  Haven't touch the stuff in about 15 years. ;-)


      Finally, I want to get up and running on the kit using the debugger built in through the CY7C65215 on both Mac and Linux.  Any pointers to someone who has already done this with advice would be great.


      Thanx for the help in advance.