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    BLE 4.0 USB dongle does not discover BLE 4.1 peripheral  (CYBLE-022001-00)

      This problem does not involve any Cypress Kits or the programming/configuration of the BLE 4.1 device.  I have scoured the forums but found nothing that might answer this.


      I have a sealed third-party BLE device which apparently uses the EZ BLE part number CYBLE-022001-00 which is supposed to be BLE 4.1 compliant, yet when it is advertizing I am unable to discover it under Windows 7 with several different BLE 4.0 USB dongles (eg. CSR 8510).  Also it is not discovered by and Android 4.3 phone (Galaxy S3). However it can be discovered by a Toshiba Satellite laptop (integral BLE 4.0) and most newish Android phones and iPhone 5.  I know the BLE 4.0 USB dongles on the Win7 PC are working because they can discover the Android 4.3 phone and the Toshiba Satellite laptop BLE.


      I was under the impression that BLE 4.0 (Smart ready) and BLE 4.1 are compatible, so should be able to discover each other when made discoverable.  Why can't a BLE 4.0 USB dongle discover the CYBLE-022001-00 BLE 4.1 device?

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          BLE 4.0 Smart ready devices should be able to see BLE 4.1 device packets.


          When I checked on site, CSR 8510 supports BLE as well, then it should be able to scan the CyBLE adv packets.


          Could you please confirm once again whether the CyBLE device was advertsing when you were testing?





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            Hi Anjana,


            Thanks for your reply.  The BLE 4.0 USB dongle was originally installed with the default Microsoft Bluetooth driver.  It eventually discovered the CyBLE device, but only after the ‘CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack’ was installed.  I don't know why the Microsoft Bluetooth stack couldn't discover it though.  So I did some experimenting, and installed a different BLE USB dongle (Simplecom NB407) and driver (Widcomm software stack), and found that it also does not discover the CyBLE device.  


            So... the CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack does discover the CyBLE device (CSR driver I presume?), and the Widcomm software stack does not.  This limits me to which BLE USB dongles I can use.  Can you confirm that the CyBLE device uses the Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) software stack?  And if so, why it can only be discovered by the CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack, and not the commonly-used Widcomm software stack?

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              This question is not adequately addressed.


              We have an ipod 5 touch with BT 4.0


              BLE 4.0 Devices (nRF8001) Can be discovered.


              However, the Cypress PSOC4 BLE module is not discovered. (Cypress is discoverable under a newer Android device w 4.2)


              I Tested on BLE Module 2.30 under Creator 3.11 (Old)


              And BLE 4.2 Module 3.3 under Creator 4.1 (newest)


              with the cypress psoc4BLE module: 


              PRoC BLE (ARM CM0)
              Silicon ID: 0x0BB11477
              Cypress ID: 0x0E50199E
              Revision: PRODUCTION