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    using teraterm and adc..

      hello, I have a doubt .. I am working with the CY8CKIT-0420BLE  kit and the device used in my project is the CY8C4247LQI-BL483 .I am working with the ADC component and uses teraterm for recieving the commands for the ADC.


      how do multiple pins ( say p1.4 , p3.0) serve the same functionality say uart_rx?


      if I have connected my uart rx pin ( in the project) to p1.4 (in .cydwr) , and connect p3.0 for one ADC channel input, I assume the UART recieving will happen correctly.


      If nothing is connected to p3.0 the teraterm works fine, but if a wire is connected between P3.0(J2) and the Gnd,and then try to read the analog channel 0(p3.0) the teraterm stops working..


      if i repeat the same for other ADC channels, ( ADC_ch_1 at p3.1, ADC_ch_2 at p3.2) the teraterm works fine and the analog voltage is read as 0.


      Can anyone guess what makes the teraterm stop?


      is it because that both pins can be used as uart_rx?