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    about proc program issue

      I use MiniProg3 + PSoC programmer to program my device board (CY8C 20336A), the firmware can be "burned", the programmer indicate it "success", but when I "read" by programmer, it display "xx xx xx  ... ". What's wrong with me? I try to "erase all" and read, it display "00 00 00 ...", so it seams work. BTW, I use "power cycle" + "ISSP" + "3.3v".

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          Can it be that some chip protection hinders reading back the data programmed?





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            Thanks bob.


            I also doubt it. I find a OK device, and read it by programmer, the data is OK, it display after read "43 ef 56 .. etc.". Then I burn my firmware in it, and read it, it display "xx xx xx ..." again. So, I think the hardware is OK. My programmer version is 3.25.0


            Where should I turn off the "protection" ? I can't find the option in programmer.

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              I download the sample of "CE63793 - CSD Software Filters with EzI2Cs Slave on CY8C20xx6", then I open PSoC Designer 5.4 and create a new project by CLONE this sample code, select the device "CY8C20336A-24LQXI". As the sample code is for CY8C20666, it show some warnings, but I select "clone", it create the project, then I build and burn it, and read it by PSoC programmer 3.25.0, the result again "xx xx xx ..." :(  


              I do another test, I openthe Designer and create a new project with the "Target Device: CY8C20336A-24LQXI", and then build it without add another thing in the project, and burn it to the device, and read, it again "xx xx xx ...". I have no idea now.




              BTW, my chip print CY8C20336A, but the programmer is always "Automatically Detected Device: CY8C20336-24LQXI". Is that right?

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                thanks bob, I find the issue, it is protection issue.