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    UART COM port using MiniProg3

      Using the kit, I do a lot of printf serial debugging via COM port and Putty.  Is there a way I can do the same with the MiniProg?  The reason being that I'm testing 2 devices, Central and Peripheral, and only have one kit and one MiniProg.  If there's any past discussion, please feel free to point me in the right direction.  I can't seem to find much specifically addressing it.  

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          Hello Dave,


          The short answer is no, because of inherent differences in the two MiniProg vs. KitProg. As shown in the schematics for the CY8CKIT-042-BLE main board, the KitProg interface is actually a PSoC 5LP which connects to the target's debug interface as well as one UART pin set (P1.4/P1.5) and one I2C pin set (P3.4/P3.5 if memory serves). This allows the single 5LP-based KitProg programmer to provide a USB-to-UART bridge in addition to the debugging capabilities.


          On the other hand, the MiniProg 5-pin header connects to the debug interface alone (GND, VDDIO, XRES, SWCLK, SWDIO), but no other pins. (The 10-pin header adds some JTAG pins, but not UART.)


          However, with this in mind, you can replicate the KitProg's virtual serial interface on your second device by connecting a USB-to-UART adapter (e.g. CYUSBS232, FTDI adapter, etc.) to the P1.4 and P1.5 pins on the module--or, if you only need output, all you need is the P1.5 pin.

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            Ok.  I see what you mean.  Thank you for the help.  I can spare the extra pin(s) and have an FTDI, so I'll give that a try.