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    Capsense button barely sensing touch


      I have a board I designed according to the CapSense design rules and I'm hoping somebody would be able to help me out with the issue I am having (I have attached a partial image of the board just to show its design for reference).


      So, here is my issue. When I set my CapSense module to manual I get strong readings on all buttons and the slider, but seeing that we don't have time to do manual calibration for every single item these go in, this isn't very feasible especially with environmental factors having effect of the readings. When I set my CapSense to manual with run-time tuning the reading I get for my furthest button isn't as strong but is still plenty to set as a touch. Now the issue is that when I set my CapSense to SmartSense it barely gets a reading from this button at all. 


      Is there anything I can do to make this reading stronger when using SmartSense? When I use manual or manual with run-time tuning I get a very strong reading so I doubt this is a board design issue and could probably be fixed somewhere in software, I just dont really know how.