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    CDC_BulkLoop example error - .INF not intended for this platform

      I am going through the examples from the "SuperSpeed Device Design by Example" and exercising the CDC_BulkLoop. It is mentioned in the "USB_Descriptors.c" file that: "this custom VID_PID needs an INF file for driver matching.  Use "NEWcyusb3.inf""


      When loading the application on ARM via JTAG, I get first 2 unknown devices enumerated; doing the "update driver" operation on the first, using the above .INF, I get the virtual COM23 port created, which is usable as Debug console via the Terminal.


      However, when pointing the .INF to the 2nd unknown device, that is supposed to be a BulkLoop endpoint pair, I get a strange error: "Driver is not intended for this platform" !! (see attach). As such, the BulkLoop Endpoint is not enumerated and the Cypress' USB Bulkloop program is not seeing a device. To mention, I try this on a laptop with USB 3.0 ports running Win7 64bit O.S.


      What is wrong here and what would be a solution ?


      Thank you.