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    how to reduce current consumption of cyble 022001

      using cyble 022001 i develop one rfid tag type application.its aim is to remain in deep slip for 2 sec and than wake up for 2 sec and advertize.its oprated on coin cell so current consumption is importent.during 2 sec deep sleep time consmption is quite low as 1.5 ua but in active time its nearly take 1 ma even if its not transmitting.my aim is that it should take as much as low current during active 2 sec window while its not transmitting actually.


      also try funda of application note(001-92584_AN92584_Designing_for_Low_Power_and_Estimating_Battery_Life_for_BLE_Applications) but not work for me.


      here i attach my project.is there any way to get notified that ble is not transmitting and any way to disble only rx portion of ble??and i also not getting how gui setting in advertise setting(slow and fast advertising interval ) actually working.

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          Hi Patel,


          -> Use IMO as the SYSCLK to reduce the power consumption.(Clocks Tab)


          ->According to BLE spec both Rx and Tx packets should be there.There is no way to disable Rx or Tx.Even if there is no information to transmit or receive BLE stack will send empty packets.


          -> FAST and SLOW Advertisement Parameters:-This parameter defines the interval between two advertising events. Set the permissible minimum and maximum values of two Advertisement interval types: Fast advertising interval and Slow advertising interval. Typically after the device initialization, a peripheral device uses the Fast advertising interval. After the Fast advertising interval timeout value expires, and if a connection with a Central device is not established, then the Profile switches to Slow advertising interval to save the battery life. After the Slow advertising interval timeout value expires, 'CYBLE_EVT_GAPP_ADVERTISEMENT_START_STOP' event is generated.





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            Hi Karan,


            Could you please change the Debug Select from SWD to GPIO and check the current consumption?


            Navigate : In Creator project workspace .cydwr -> System tab -> Debug Select -> GPIO.