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    CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords and CY_U3P_ERROR_NO_EVENTS



      I'm trying to send data on the GPIF bus and when I call the CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords it returns CY_U3P_ERROR_NO_EVENTS.


      I haven't found in the documentation what CY_U3P_ERROR_NO_EVENTS really means, I'm a little lost here. Any help would be appreciated.

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          The CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords writes words one by one. For each word, it waits for the previous word to be emptied and waits for the empty event for a time specied by you in the waitOption parameter to the API. If the wait event is not received in specified time, it will return this error. Can you please increase the waitOption timeout and see?




          - Madhu Sudhan