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    Recognized but not supported error on programming PSoC3


      I dusted off my fairly old Dev Kit today thinking I will get back to using PSoC for some smaller projects.  This is the CY8CKIT-001 dev klit that came with PSoC1 and PSoC3 processor module with the promise of PSoC5 module support when it was "just around the corner".


      I know I successfully used it in the past.


      I downloaded PSoC Creator 4.0 from Cypress web site and tried running one of the example programs.  Once the project builds and go to program it, the Miniprog3 does see the module but with a "i" symbol on it saying "Module was recognized but PSoC Creator does not support it at this time."


      Has the CY8CKIT-001 been duplicated?  They seem to still sell them on the site.  Do I need a new firmware for it or something?