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    PSOC 5, Cannot succeed a simple "HELLO WORLD" with Character LCD!

      Hello everyone, 




      I am currently using a PSoC 5LP CY8C5888LT*-LP097 (dev kit) and I am trying to do a simple "Hello World" test with the DF-ROBOT lcd shield V2.0 and keep failing.


      The symptoms are :


      - The LCD seems to receive commands from the mcu but instead of having the expected behavior, it randomly move the cursor, write distorted characters and sometimes does not even display the two lines. My guess is that the commands used in the library are not being read correctly in the LCD even if it is supposed to use HD44780.




      There is nothing special in the psoc creator project as I simply added the LCD_CHAR component and set the pins on the correct LCD port.




      *The LCD is connected with parallel communication using the P0[7:1] port: DB4 0[1] to DB7 0[4], E 0[5] and RS 0[6].


      * The  R/W pin on the lcd is connected to ground so it is always in "write" mode.


      * The R/!W on the Mcu isn't connected.


      * The display is powered and back light is on.


      * I have tried many projects found on this forum without success.






      Am I missing something ?