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    Cypress FX3 Linux Driver Missing


      We are using Cypress FX3 USB solution in our system with a device configuration, and have encountered the following:


       - Executing 'lsusb' command yields the following result:


      Bus 002 Device 005: ID 04b4:00f1 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.


      While 'lsusb -t' shows that FX3 device is running at 5Gbps, but is missing a driver (can be seen from the last line shown here):


      lsusb -t
      /:  Bus 02.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci-hcd/1p, 5000M
          |__ Port 1: Dev 2, If 0, Class=Hub, Driver=hub/4p, 5000M
              |__ Port 1: Dev 5, If 0, Class=Vendor Specific Class, Driver=, 5000M


      We have tried Cypress's 'cyusb' application and it shows the following details:


       - Device := FX3.


       - Bulk size of 1024.


      Problem is, we are seeing a degradation with performance, seeing a downlaod speed rates of ~25MBps maximum. If this problem can simply be solved by installing a driver, please share a download link, along with installation instructions.