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    (Solved)Internet Protocol Support Profile(IPSP) Cannot read data on Node

      Hello all,


      I have two problem about IPSP.


      I am using CYBLE-222014-01 Chip, PSoC Creator 3.3 and BLE Component v3.10.




      I want to send and receive data over IPv6. I created new project based on Cypress IPSP example, i can send data using CyBle_L2capChannelDataWritefunction without error on Router and  i get CYBLE_EVT_L2CAP_CBFC_DATA_WRITE_IND event after sending. But i am not able receive this data from Node side. After sending data, system does not generate READ event on Node side. 


      GAP and L2cap connection happens succesfully. Is this BLE Stack bug or am i doing something wrong?




      2. Whenever i try to send a second message, i get memory allocation failed error return of CyBle_L2capChannelDataWritefunction. I try to increase heap size 0x200 to 0x400 and stack size 0x800 to 0x2000 but nothing change.




      Thanks in advance.