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    S25FL256S flash seems to be locked




      During development the Uboot/Linux driver for S25FL256S flash, I encounter a problem that the flash seems to be locked and cannot be reset. Even the JTAG also cannot erase/program the flash, only debug the code in the RAM.  


      I tried to read registers, the SR1 = 0x1C, the CR1 = 0xEE. the BPNV bit has been set to 1 and BP2-0 in SR are volatile and will be reset to binary 111 after POR. 


      How can I unlock the flash?

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          Did you try to change the value in SR1 and CR1 using WREN and WRR commands?


          1. CS# LOW


          2. WREN command


          3. CS# HIGH


          4. CS# LOW


          5. WRR command + SR1 value + CR1 value


          6. CS# HIGH


          Also, please let us know the steps you follow to program and erase flash device.


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