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    Labwindows CVI with dongle's dll






      I'm working on driving the dongle cypress CY5677 with a custom application which replace CySmart.


      I have the 3 dlls cybledonglecommunicator.dll, cybledonglecommonbase.dll and cybleautobase.dll converted into .h files.


      The 3 initializations are going well, I have no error on it.


      I read the API_guide_reference but I'm still very confuse with the use of these files. Indeed, I want to set a BLE address to the dongle, so I want to use the following function : 


      int CVIFUNC CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_ICyBleMgr_StartScan(
          CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_ICyBleMgr __instance,
          CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyBleScanSettings settings,
          CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyScanCallback cb,
          CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyApiErr * __returnValue,
          CDotNetHandle * __exception);


      Here is my issue, I don't know how to use this function, as example : the parameter " CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyScanCallback cb " is only defined by " typedef struct __CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyScanCallback * CySmart_DongleCommunicator_API_CyScanCallback; " in cybledonglecommunicator.h but how to initialize that type of variable ? I didn't find any create or get function.


      Can you help me with this issue ?




      Best regards,