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    cyfxuartlpregmode, cyfxuartlpdmamode, and cyfxusbuart serial port problem


       I have tried cyfxuartlpregmode, cyfxuartlpdmamode, and cyfxusbuart examples with the denebola development kit, and had no data received or transmitted via the RS232 UART. I have also tested the UART using the boot API and this works OK the hardware is fine, it would appear your example serial API is failing within your library.


      I have since discovered that the example default CY_U3P_IO_MATRIX_LPP_UART_ONLY used in the function CyU3PDeviceConfigureIOMatrix() doesn't work, however using CY_U3P_IO_MATRIX_LPP_DEFAULT the example cyfxusbuart does function.


      Using the debugger I found it possible to inspect the GCTL_IOMATRIX register (0xE0051088), and the default example setting (that doesn't work ) appeared to be configured correctly where S1CFG = 1 (Connected to GPIO + UART). 
      However when S1CFG  = 4 (Connected to UART+SPI+I2S) the UART works. I am concerned that in this mode GPIO will no longer function, I have to test this soon.


      Could you explain this functionality, and advise the expected behavior.