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    Use UART(2) along with SPI interface


      I need to use SPI interface to configure few other devices, So can I use the second UART(which is mot MUXed with SPI)  to connect to PC via a serial port? If so do I have to make any additional configurations in firmware as well as hardware other than the general UART debugger congis in examples. 

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          In the firmware you need to enable the SPI and UART while setting up the IO matrix inside the main function. Also you will need to change the lppMode to allow both SPIand UART. 


          Next, channel creating and transfer can be done just like in any other example. You can find the SPI communication reference in the USBFlashProg example in the SDK. 


          Please note that the SPI and UART pins are  multiplexed on the serial peripheral port. So, now the SPI will be available on GPIO[53]-GPIO[56], and the UART will be available on GPIO[46]-GPIO[49]

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            Thanks Nishant, I just needed UART to get the debug prints to the console while using SPI for my project.. So now i just have to design a serial connector. UART outputis 3.3V rt?Is there any other hardware specs to be taken care of?